Saturday, November 20, 2010

From suburban mouse to city mouse

After 6 months in this amazing country, we have made the move from one home to a new one. Yesterday morning, we borrowed the panda-mobile and made the move to an apartment much closer to downtown and right near the beach. We didn’t have much to move –a few backpacks and some bikes. The new place is amazing! We’ve lost the stellar view but the one we’ve got now still beats the one we had out of our window back home… Not that I don’t appreciate littered alleyways and noisy subway tracks…

We’re now in a two bedroom, fully furnished flat in a neighbourhood called Mt. Victoria. What was once a 30 minute bus ride into town is now a 5 minute walk to the farmer’s market, to my yoga studio, to the beach. Now seriously, what else does one really need?!

Our new home!

 View to the left...

And to the right... 

A giant Christmas tree has been set up in one of the central parkettes right by the water. Not a real one, mind you, but rather a beautiful one made up of dozens of strands of Christmas lights. Very pretty and oh-so festive. Still finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit here. The manufactured snow flakes just aren’t quite the same. While everyone back home is swapping their summer clothes for scarves and toques, I’m grabbing my shades and throwing on my ‘jandals’ before heading out the door. Hmmmm… I think I could get used to this!

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

After the move, Pete and I headed straight for the beach and just watched the world go by. There was a sailing regatta going on and we just caught the last stretch of the race. The boats had their spinnakers out which was really cool and quite beautiful. Sadly no camera was in hand and so you will just have to take my word for it and imagine it for yourself.

 An afternoon by the beach.

Whale tail!

Early to bed and early to rise. A fantastic yoga class followed by brunch with a dear old friend. A short jaunt through the botanic gardens and along the waterfront to stretch the legs then home to write this note to you all. Yup – I think I’m going to like our new digs…

 Brunch with Beaner = perfection!

 A view from the treetops

 Butterflies by the bay

A merry tui christmas to all!

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