Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A lot of littles.

So I was flipping through my weekly calendar the other day and was stunned at how few pages were sitting in between current day and take off time. With only a handful of weeks remaining, each weekend is now two days that are yet to be filled with friends, fun, and fiestas!

Last weekend we celebrated 4 birthdays, one royal wedding, and the incredibly beautiful weather. On Saturday, we took a beautiful walk up Mt. Victoria before I joined some friends for a girls’ day at a posh resto downtown. An afternoon of bubbly shared with good company. Perfection.

En route up Mt. Vic
Presenting downtown Welli
Napping under my tree
Ladies who lunch
Some bubbly, great company, and scrumptious eats. Fantastic.

The weather was far too beautiful to spend indoors and so the very next day I joined some friends to explore the bays just to the East of downtown. It’s incredible – no matter what view of this city you’ve got, it’s always a stunner. Plus, it's always only a few minutes escape and before you know it, you're in yet another blissful surrounding. We biked our way to a cafĂ© called Chocolate Fish where we enjoyed a yummy picnic and some lounging in the sun. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon and a perfect way to end a fab weekend!
Working up an appetite (with the opening to the city harbour waaay in the background)
Chocolate Fish - an artisan cafe specializing in an endless variety of BBQ treats

Loved the decor of this place
A picnic by the bay
The global crew (1 Kiwi + 1 Canuck + 1 German)
Touring the harbour
Colourful wind towers (in windy Wellington, these bad boys are always spinning away!)
Lucky for us, we got one last visit from Jill who was in town prepping for the second half of her national tour with Regeneration. What an inspiration this crew is - touring the country and inspiring youth to get inspired and become more active in their communities. Plus it was Jill's birthday so we got to take her out on the town and celebrate in style!

Celebrating the birthday girl!
In our 30s now. Contemplating if we feel any wiser...
Happy Birthday Bean!
Regatta outside our front door.

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