Sunday, June 5, 2011

The final stretch

What the… 5 days?! That’s all we have left?! Where oh where has the time gone…? I know time flies when you’re having fun but this is ridiculous! These past couple of weekends have been filled with a balance of general admin chores and general fun ‘n’ games! While we’ve got a lot of organizing to do to prep for our big trip home, we haven’t let it dampen our last days in this beautiful city.
Last weekend, I met the boys after work for a night on the town. We bounced around to various locations throughout the night and had a blast. There are some really lovely bars and restos in this city and we enjoyed about half a dozen that evening which is great because a number of them were on our “to do one last time before we leave” list. Tasting Room? Check. Havana? Check. Southern Cross? Check. Next…

Havana bar

Hamming it up for the camerawoman
During the daytime, we went and picked up our bike boxes (walking those puppies back to our place in a headwind was most interesting….), grabbed a few last minute items, and packed up all of our belongings. Once that was knocked off our list, we changed into our party clothes and headed to some friends’ for an incredibly scrumptious Vietnamese dinner. Good food, great company, and lotsa laughs. The perfect recipe for a fabulous Saturday night.
A beautiful day along the water's edge

Stunner of a day

Sailboat silhouette

Dinner at Lee's

The WWF girls!
 On sunny Sunday we set the chores list aside and grabbed our camera for an afternoon on the waterfront. We toured the beachfront, went for brunch, checked out the Sunday market, and had our first all black sighting! Very cool.
Wellington marina

Sunday morning fish market. Poisson anyone?

Head shots

Sunset from our window

My last morning run. Man, I'm gonna miss this...

 Now we are enjoying our last weekend here and we’ve been embracing every moment. On Friday night, we enjoyed an incredible dinner at Logan Brown, a beautiful, 5 star resto with sustainably sourced fish, beef, and local produce. I think we took more pics of the food and atmosphere than anything else!
Logan Brown. Set in an old bank building. So beautiful.


Some of the best grub I've ever enjoyed.

Brunch at our fave spot. Taking it all in one last time.

Catching game 2 at the local sports bar. Lazy boy lounge seats, 18 screens. How every hockey game should be enjoyed!

Settling in for a great game.
The rest of the long weekend, we enjoyed time with friends, and made our final calls home. Next time we speak it will be in person!

So now as I type this, all of our flights are booked and our personal belongings are en route to Canada. Soon enough, we will be following behind them…
Booking our flights to Tibet, Nepal, and SE Asia!


  1. I've enjoyed learning about New Zealand through your pictures and words. What an amazing time you and Pete have had! Thanks for sharing it with everyone. Enjoy your long trip home.

  2. Hope to see you when you're home!

  3. Ditto what Pam said! I've so enjoyed reading your stories Erinn, and seeing the wonderful pictures. Each week I'd be hitting refresh, refresh to see what new adventure you had. Especially after hearing about the sky-jumping surprise! It seems you & Pete truly did soak it all up and enjoy all that the area had to offer. Wonderful! I worry Toronto will just pale in comparison - but it is home, so that's worth something. Have a great meandering trip home. Looking forward to catching up in person! ~ C