Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting our puppy fix!

After a few months on the other side of the world, we are quickly realizing just how much we miss our critters. If only we could have packed 'em up and brought them with us! We are truly blessed to have the best friends & family in the world. KMac is keeping our favourite feline in line and Ollie is having the time of his life at his aunt Gina's!

So now we find ourselves in need of our animal fix. And what better place to find it than the Wellington SPCA! Tonight was our first time with the puppy squad. We met the SPCA staff and other volunteers down at the waterfront after work. The shelter staff had brought down about a dozen shelter puppies and we spent an hour walking them along the waterfront where they explored new smells and exciting adventures (like bikes and waves at the beach!) Pete had an adorable puppy named Sean and I had a beautiful, timid little girl named Fee. She was extremely nervous but slowly got used to me as the walk went on.

Can't wait till our walk next week!

Pete & Sean

Me & Fee

Sean learning to sit for his treat.

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  1. Ha! So cute! Nice way to help out and get your fix of animal companionship. You guys must miss Ollie so much. Love the pictures.