Sunday, September 26, 2010

An urban playground (with one helluva view!)

Still sore from another weekend on the bike! After a fantastic evening out on the town Friday (yummy dinner, live music, good company), we woke early (and in rough shape!) and hit the hills with our friend, Pete**

We spent about 2 hours climbing Makara Peak and while the uphill battle was pretty grueling, the rewarding view was pretty spectacular! The best reward of all - the sky was clear enough to see the South Island from where we were resting. I’m such a sucker for a good view!
Wind turbines (North Island) and Kaikoura mountains in the distance (South Island)

Makara Peak with Windy Welli in the distance

Which way to Canada?!

Pete x 2 deciding the best route down. They picked something called the North Face... We weren't riding down Everest but it felt pretty close!

The trip down the mountain was pretty rough on me but Pete (squared) enjoyed it thoroughly.

The view on the way down.

By the time we walked through our front door, my legs could barely carry me. The next morning, I was still too sore to do much so we settled for a day of walking through the gardens, reading on the deck, and cooking and baking yummy treats.

All set for another week in kiwi land!

** Not sure why, but there are so many people named Pete over here!

Spring has sprung and all of the flowers are coming into bloom. A tui making the tree its home!

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