Friday, October 1, 2010

Your feel-good story of the week!

This past Monday evening was our usual puppy squad. We met the group at 6 downtown and wandered along the waterfront with about a dozen puppies from the SPCA shelter, exploring the streets, chasing the birds, and discovering the beach (my pup tried to go swimming!).

I was telling my colleague about the puppy squad and she asked if she might be able to interview the organizer. she hosts a local radio show and wanted to feature the puppy squad as the feel good story piece for that evening's show! So exciting! The interview went well and over the next few days, the squad organizer received three inquiries to volunteer!! Hopefully we'll have even more people (and therefore more hands) to walk puppies next Monday!

But the most exciting story that I want to share is about one of the lovely canines that joins us on our regular walks. Percy, a friendly little guy, has found a home! ...But not just any old home.

It's so great when animals find great places to call home and this one is certainly amazing! An amazing feel-good story of the week!

My pup Oolla (sp?) with her stylish 'find me a home' vest on.

Exploring the water fountain. Some are always a little nervous by the flying water. Others leap right in!

Benji paying no attention to Pete!
(ps - for those interested, that's the National Museum - Te Papa - in the background. Very cool place and it's free entry. Amazing!)

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