Saturday, October 2, 2010

Do Wellingtonians ever get bored of all this amazing-ness?!

Finally – some seriously stupendous springtime sunshine! This weekend brought with it, by far, the best weather we have had to date. Not only was there an endless blue sky free of clouds, but the wind was nowhere to be found! And a day in Wellington without wind is like a day in Toronto without the subway breaking down - it doesn’t happen very often!

Friday night was spent de-stressing after a long week. Some drinks out with friends, dinner at an amazing Indian resto, then home. For those of you who know Pete well, you will know that he claims to “hate” curry. I have made it my personal mission to make him like it and on Friday, he actually stated that the meal was “the best meal he has had since arriving in New Zealand”!!! Point for Erinn!

Saturday morning I awoke to sun streaming through our windows. Pete wasn’t up for a day of walking so I headed out on my own and grabbed a coffee by the beach. I then hit a trail to Mount Victoria, which has one of the best views in the city. It was truly amazing.

On my way up, looking back at the city.

Imagine calling those amazing places 'home'!

City shot with Mother Nature's picture frame.

Can you believe this is literally 5 minutes from downtown Welli?!

View from the top

Looking south to Lyall Bay (Picton ferry in the distance making its way to the South Island)

Maori statue

I worked my way up the trails to the top, took some pics with all of the other tourists and then plunked myself down with my water, snacks and light reading (just a bio on Ernesto Guevera – a real knee slapper…!)

Saw tons of birds including bellbirds, tuis, and this little critter who was quite inquisitive. He kept hopping closer and closer to where I was sitting. We were buds by the end of the day. I'm really not much of a birder but since arriving here, I have definitely developed a greater level of respect and admiration for our feathered friends, especially since so many of them are endangered over here due to the introduction of invasive species like rats, stoats, and possums.

My avian friend!

I fought the puddle but the puddle won :(

Headed back down the trail to the waterfront where a street performer was attempting to wow the crowd. He asked how many people were from out of town and about half of the audience raised their hands. I guess we’re starting to get into tourist season…

An early dinner with Pete and back home for a rompous Saturday night curled up on the sofa with a cuppa tea watching movies.

It’s now Sunday afternoon and as I type, I am sitting on our deck watching the last of the sun go down. Pete’s in the kitchen baking bread (yum!) and I’m writing to you. Not a bad way to end a perfectly perfect weekend!

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