Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sun, surf, and a party load of rally cars.

My legs ache, my back aches, my shoulders ache. But it’s all from good stuff so I can’t really complain. Decent weather, good times, great outdoor activities and stories to share. And so I type…

Spent my Saturday morning on the trails trying to get the legs ready for our race next weekend. I can’t believe we’re only a week away! I normally wouldn’t be too nervous about these distances, but it’s not the distance that has me biting my lip. It’s those darn mountains that get in the way! Any marathons I have ever run in the past have always met my number one criteria – that they must be flat! As many of you know, I am no friend to the hill! That being said, I’ve been diligently training on a few for the past couple of months and I’m feeling a bit more confident. Ah well – we’re just going to have a good time, right? So there’s no need to worry (too much). I just can’t wait to check out the Queen Charlotte Track. We have yet to explore this region and it’s been on our to-do list ever since we landed in this fine country!

Saturday afternoon found us roaming around town hitting a few shops to look for Christmas presents. Can you believe it? I just typed the word ‘Chrismas’! Yes – it’s getting to be that time of year again. But being on the other side of the world requires us to be ahead of the game in terms of gift purchasing as mail can take anywhere from a few days to (apparently) a month to reach the Great White North. While we were downtown we came across a mosh pit of rally racing cars all arriving and parking themselves right outside of the Te Papa museum. Turns out we had stumbled across the finish line of the Targa car rally in New Zealand. Who knew?! People had come from across the globe to race, including some fellow Canucks. Dunno who ended up winning and quite frankly we didn’t really care. But some of the cars were pretty cool.

Bad day.

Canada represents! (...but doesn't win)

Loved this car. Loved the bottles of bubbly sitting on the roof even more!

The Targa NZ Rally finish line. Drivers lining up for the interviews.

Lining up post race.

Hello luvr...

Afternoon drinks before catching the All Blacks match (not live... I wish!)

Beanbags on the bar patio by the beach = brilliant!

Our Sunday was also spent out and about tho this time the bike was our transportation of choice. We biked along the coast out to an area called Lyall Bay. It’s where all the watersport enthusiasts go to play. We sat on the beach and watched as surfers caught waves, kite boarders caught air, and windsurfers flew past us at a frenzied pace. Pete was in heaven!

Kiters catching the waves

Pete enjoying the view and wishing he'd brought his wetsuit.

Hataitai Beach

One of the many boathouses peppering this stretch of Wellington coast. A band was rehearsing inside as we biked past and we could hear the drummer working away on his solo. What a cool place to call home!

Along the waterfront one can find poems among the rocks. part of Wellington's "writers' walk". Beautiful and inspirational.

3 and a half hours later, we rolled through our front door and flopped down for the rest of the afternoon. Am now taking a break from reading my book to write to you all. Not a bad weekend, I must say!

Thinking of everyone at home as you don your witch hats, devil ears, and tiaras.
Wishing you all a festive and happy Halloween! May both your tricks and treats be sweet!

PS – If you haven’t yet, please check out my fundraising page for the race online:
Pete and I will be running, biking, and paddling our little hearts out to raise awareness and support for WWF's campaign to protect our oceans. Support an important cause, give generously and tell your friends! Thx so much!

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