Saturday, August 28, 2010

A bone to pick with Mother Nature

Oh how cruel Mother Nature can be at times. This week (while I was seated at my desk and staring out the window), the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining, clouds were gently rolling in and out of town; it was truly a grand week. The weather was looking roughly the same for the weekend and so Pete and I decided to take the entire day and plan a long biking route along one of the mountain ridges to the coast out of town. Amazing. I was so excited. We packed our bags and got our gear together. We literally were putting on our helmets and getting ready to go when suddenly:

I can’t believe how quickly it rolled in! Sadly, it was not quick to roll out and so we spent the next hour sitting and keeping our fingers tightly crossed that it would clear… To no avail. So instead we headed into town and wandered through a craft market and a few shops. Stopped for lunch, did a grocery shop. Not really stuff worth blogging about..

Since I don’t have much to report on the out-of-office front, I thought I would take this opportunity to update y’all on the kind of projects we’re working on at WWF. There are some really great/exciting things on the go. I just finished laying out the content for a new calendar that the NZ office is developing for 2011. Next year is WWF’s 50th anniversary and so this calendar will be celebrating all the hard work our organization has dedicated to global conservation and celebrating the significant successes that it has achieved over that time. I’m also working on developing a really exciting campaign that is going to be launching in October. It will be focused around NZ’s marine environment and calling for greater protection of our oceans. Once this project hits the ground running, I expect it will take up most of my time but I’m really looking forward to working on it!

Today is not unlike yesterday:

Ok, so it’s the same photo, but I didn’t think this weather warrants another photograph!

And I'm sorry, but what kind of a weather forecast is this?!!

Is "iffy" even a real word?!

Off to do some yoga, read my book, and just laze the day away. Pete’s actually figured out a route to bike around inside our house (!) but I think I’ll just stick to my book.

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  1. I love "iffy". We always got the "fine" forecast and we were like, really, "FINE" is a way to describe weather?? :)

    Love the updates and the fascinating work you are doing despite the weather...Love to you and Peter, misssed you A LOT up in Gbay, so not the same.