Saturday, August 14, 2010

A NZ sanctuary

Some pics of our walk through the Karori Sanctuary. This is an amazing place in Wellington that has dedicated its work to "restoring a corner of New Zealand as closely as possible to the way it was the day before humans arrived."

And what exactly does that look like, you may ask? Well, it was essentially a bird haven (thanks to zero four-legged predators). I actually had the chance to check the indoor exhibit of the Karori Sanctuary back in July before Pete arrived which explained how the islands' ecosystem has evolved. See my previous posting here.

Now that he is here, we wanted to visit the sanctuary itself and walk the trails. I must admit that prior to coming to this country, I wasn't really much of a birder, but seeing all these beautiful endemic species living happily in their protected park, it made me appreciate these feathered friends much more! On our walk we got a chance to see the native tui (which was endangered for the longest time and has made a comeback thanks to local conservationists), the saddleback, the fantail, the kaka bird (the NZ parrot), and the kereru. If you don't know what any of these are, no worries. I didn't either before coming here. But they are all truly beautiful creatures and they're unique to NZ! No kiwi bird sightings yet but we'll have to come back for a night walk since the little guys are nocturnal.

Forest canopy from above

Pete enjoyng the view of the sanctuary from the swing bridge

A NZ parrot enjoying some grub

A fern sprouting new beginnings
Not a bad backyard to have!

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