Saturday, August 14, 2010

A legendary New Zealand “trail”

An exciting day on the Wellington trails! Pete and I woke to a great day (ie. no rain) and decided to take advantage. We found a nearby cycle shop and headed there to rent bikes and check out the local cycling tracks. There was everything from Erinn-friendly beginner and intermediate single tracks to “you’ve got to be kidding me” extreme tracks! It started out a bit nerve racking for both of us as the trails were incredibly narrow and tightly wrapped around cliff faces (gulp) but we slowly found our groove and ended up having a most excellent day! The beautiful scenery, the lush surroundings, the little waterfalls that we crossed – absolute perfection! Check out this video, which shows part of the trail that we covered (please note - that is not me on the bike!!):

Koru - Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park from BCNU on Vimeo.

A few pics below:
Crank sets that have fallen victim to Makara Peak

Peddling through the silver fern forest
Looking back on the view and the field of wind turbines (you can't see 'em but they're there!)

Short break after a steady climb
Satisfying post-cycle rest

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