Friday, July 23, 2010


What a week! Lots of exciting things to report. Spent the week working away on some exciting projects: putting together an itinerary for a trip to three conservation projects just North of Wellington with a reporter from Radio New Zealand, keeping supporters updated on our conservation work through our social media outlets, and preparing our communications strategy for the Living Planet Report coming out in the spring (or the fall, depending on what hemisphere you call home).

But enough about work. There have been far more exciting things on this week’s agenda! First and most importantly, my fantastic hubby arrived safe and sound on Thursday!! Sadly, he missed his connecting flight in Auckland due to baggage and customs issues but he caught the next plane out and arrived midday to an anxious and excited wifey with a flat white coffee! It wasn’t the nicest day to arrive into town but there will be many lovely days for us to enjoy in the year to come :D

We spent that evening cooking a nice dinner and getting him unpacked. The very next day, I reunited with my sibs who had spent the last week and a half touring the South Island. They covered 3,000 kms in 9 days and saw pretty much the entire island! Stunning pics and amazing stories. Beautiful mountains, adorable penguins, stunning architecture. I am so inspired for when we take our trip down there. There is just so much to see and do!

But the South Island will wait for another time. This weekend, it’s all about exploring Wellington and the North Island. Last night we went for drink-ee-poos and grub at a place called the Matterhorn. If you visit, we go! Everything was so great. The ambiance (beautiful wood ceiling, leather benches, fireplace, a living wall). We enjoyed scotches and martinis and moved on to ridiculously scrumptious steaks, lamb, and a cheese soufflĂ©. Delish!

Today, we are picking up a car and heading over to the East Coast of the North Island for some wine tasting, hiking, and… Who knows?! But I’m sure I’ll have some great stories to tell upon our return!


  1. Yay!! So happy Pete has arrived safe and sound!! He looks a tired but very happy to be there. I hope that your adventure this weekend was wonderful and I look forward to hearing all the stories. Hi to everyone!! xoxo Kris

  2. Great pictures! I can't believe you are there and already look so settled, Peter. Looking forward to hearing about your travels around the North Island.