Friday, July 2, 2010

A sunny day makes up for two weeks of downpour!

What a glorious day! Woke up to sunshine beaming through my windows - a much appreciated change from the constant soggy rain and chilly wind. Grabbed my sunglasses and my camera and headed downtown for a walk along the waterfront. Some pics below. Popped into a cafe by the sailing club to enjoy a yummy coffee then off to run some errands.

Had a great time last night exploring a couple of bars. Went to an amazing Italian restaurant with my coworker and her friends. They make the pasta and pizza from scratch! YUM! I can't wait to take you there when you come visit. Yes - the use of the word "you" here applies to YOU! ;D
We then we went and saw a few bands perform at a bar called Happy. Now, how can you not enjoy yourself at a place called HAPPY?! Actually, the music wasn't all that great but I still had a good time!

Made it home in time to watch Djokovic choke in the Wimbledon semi-final. :( Too bad. It should be an interesting final though. Fingers crossed this is Nadal's year!

Over and out.

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