Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Checking in on the homefront.

Keeping updated on the news at home and I can’t believe what I’m reading. Earthquakes, tornadoes… Oh my! I hope you’re all keeping well up there! Chatting with the team here, I am learning that earthquakes are a regular occurrence in Wellington. In fact, our office sits immediately next to the largest fault line in the region and apparently “we’re due for another biggie”. Just what I wanted to hear on my 4th day in the office! I have yet to experience a quake (knock on wood) but I’m sure I’ll get my fair share throughout the year as Wellington reportedly gets small ones on a regular basis. Oh joy!

Day four and my head is starting to spin. It’s a lot to take in but it’s all really interesting.

We have a resident cat that lives in the gardens that has helped me deal with my extreme homesickness for my little critters. His name is Basil and he’s a gorgeous orange cat. His story is that the family that owned him moved outside the city and took him with them, but he kept escaping the house and returning to the gardens. By the time he reached his fourth escape, the family decided that he obviously wanted to stay in this area and so they surrendered him to the local vet to find a family nearby to adopt him. A family did indeed take him in but he continued to escape and find his way back to the gardens. At this point, everyone threw up their hands and decided that this was simply where he wanted to stay and so now the garden landscaping staff as well as the WWF team look after him. He often wanders into our office and lies right at my feet, next to the heater. His name is Basil and he’s a gem. He certainly doesn’t replace my furry critters at home but he does help fill the void of animal companionship.

Stay safe Toronto! You’ve got a billion dollars worth of security at your doorstep but nothing can really prepare one for Mother Nature’s bad moods.

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