Friday, June 18, 2010

The weekend

Not much new to report but seeing as I will likely be unable to get to a computer tomorrow to post an update, I figure I'd post something short and sweet now for your tastebuds.

Had a great time at my Director's house last night. The dinner party was amazing and everyone was so nice. It was his wife's celebratory dinner as she has just completed her Masters in Marine Biology at the University and was having all of her classmates and her professor over to celebrate. Turned out that there was only one kiwi in the entire class. Everyone else was from England, Germany, Austria, Australia, Africa... It was a truly International affair!

Today I have been wandering the streets of New Zealand running errands and generally enjoying getting lost. It's not the nicest day out but it's perfect for wandering and exploring. Tomorrow will be spent doing some research and getting ready for my first full day of work on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it though I have almost forgotten that I'm here to do a job!

Happy weekend to you all!

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