Friday, June 25, 2010

Will it ever stop raining?!

It's Saturday (aka "soggy" day). It honestly has not given up all day. I came into town to run some errands and I'm absolutely drenched. People's umbrellas are flipping inside out! Not quite the scorching weather that Toronto has been getting, from what I hear.

I'm sitting in an internet cafe now typing away. I am going to go get a camera card today so that I can start posting some pics. You have to see the storms that blow through this city for yourself! From up at the top of my little mountain in the safety of my house, they're quite dramatic to watch!

I'm SUPER psyched as I just learned that my bro and sis-in-law are going to be visiting soon! Yayayayay!! I can't wait. We'll be exploring the city together which will be so much fun. It's actually the perfect place for them. lots of trails for Chris to hit and lots of cafes and restaurants for Elena. I believe that Wellington has more restaurants per capita than any other capital city in the world! I'm not sure if that speaks to the number of restos they have or their general population but it's a statistic that suits me just fine :)

Off to face Mother Nature... Again!

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