Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meeting the team

Today was a quick visit to the office to meet the team. The office is situated on the property of the Wellington Botanical Gardens in a building known as the "treehouse". And yes - it is just as beautiful as it sounds! I was introduced to the troops and shown my desk which looks out over the gardens. Too beautiful for words. After the intros, I had a quick meeting with Jen - the woman I will be working most closely with over the next year - and then headed downtown to get some chores done. My official first day is on Monday and I'll be jumping in feet first as we'll be briefing an agency that morning on a Direct Mail piece they're working on. I am also going to get the chance to visit one of the conservation projects here so that I can gain a better understanding of the work they do first hand. Plus, I am signed up to take a course to learn about the Treaty that was signed between the NZ government and the Maori community; when it was signed and how it (and the relationship) has evolved. Very fascinating. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tonight I am headed to the WWF-NZ Director's house for a dinner party. It'll be really nice to get to know the team outside of the office.

I have already taken a ton of pics but sadly I can't post them as I don't have the proper connector (thingy). I will be sure to post them soon.

Happy day to all!


  1. Buy a USB flash card reader ...we want pics!

  2. EP! This is amazing. I am so happy to hear about WWF NZ and the warm welcome. I can picture you sitting perched on that hill in Welly. And I want a full briefing on what you learn about the Treaty - Nige and I had so many questions when we were there.

  3. I should just get a card reader, shouldn't I? Will try and find one this wknd!